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Free Mixing

Free Mixing

1 Part Seminar
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On of the most dangerous actions that is now taken very lighlty is that of free mixing between the genders, something that has always been known to be Haram by necessity. And yet, in this day and age, with the increase in promiscuity and Fitnah, far from removing ourselves from such things, many Muslims have begun to indulge themselves in such evil actions.

This lecture should serve as a reminder to us all about the evil effects and consequences of free mixing and why as Muslims we should abastain from it.

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Course Length: 10 days + 10 day Final Exam
Registration: close

In this course you will learn:
- What is the ruling of free mixing?
- Why is it prohibited?
- What are the punishments for this both in this world and the next?
- What are the other consequences to society at large?
- How should we behave when dealing with the opposite gender?
- What measures can we take to avoid such Fitnah?

 Additional Reading Material:

- Diseases of the Hearts and their cures, by Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah
- Death, by Shaykh Alee Hasan Abdul Hameed
- The War Within Our Hearts, by Habeeb Quadri and Sa'ad Quadri
- The Souls Journey After Death, Ibn Al Qayyim
- Grave: Punishment and Blessings, by Husayn Al Awayishah

Having studied this course you should consider studying the following:
- Weakness of Eemaan
- Imam An Nawawis 40 Hadith
- Kitaab Al Jami'
- The Exquisite Pearls

- Prohibited Matters
- Invocation of God
- Virtues of Good Actions
- The Book of Heart Softeners


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"I have been studying at Tayyibun Institute since 2008 and last year I moved to Saudi Arabia. Although I was very happy, I soon realized that I could not seek knowledge without first learning the Arabic Language. Whilst learning Arabic I also wanted to seek Islamic knowledge. I saw some online courses but felt that it would not be as good as Tayyibun Institute, so I was very happy when I found out that they have online courses. Even though one might think that their online courses are not as good as the centre, it turned out to be better than going to the centre, not only because I live in Saudi Arabia but mainly because you will be able to study in your own time. From what I have experienced I can say that the courses at Tayyibun Institute (and online) are very much practical. Jazaahum'Allahu Khairan"

Sister M Mohamed


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