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Beneficial Statements concerning the Evidences of Tawheed
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Beneficial Statements concerning the Evidences of Tawheed

Shaykh Salem Al Amry
10 Lessons (3 Months Course)
fee: $60.00

Written by Shaykh Muhammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab al Wassaabee, the text at hand is a basic text covering many of the basic principles of faith in Islam; from the conditions of the testimony of faith (shahadah), the levels of faith (Islam, Iman, Ihsan), the nullifiers of Islam etc. Therefore, this text serves as a very beneficial introduction to the basics of Islamic Creed (‘Aqeedah).

The course with be delivered by Sheikh Salim al Amry who has engagingly taught this text on a number of occasions. This course does not have any pre-requisites and is suitable for all.

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Course Length: 90 days + 10 day Final Exam
Registration: open

In this course you will learn:
- What is the meaning Of Laa Ilaahah Illallaah?
- What are the conditions of Laa Ilaahah Illallaah?
- What are the requirements of the testification - Laa Ilaahah Illallaah?
- What is the meaning of the testification - Muhammad Rasoolullah?
- What are the conditions for the testification that Muhammad is the messenger of Allaah?
- Where is Allaah?
- What are the three levels of religion?
- What does Islaam mean?
- What are the five pillars of Islaam?
- What are the ten invalidators of Islaam?
- What is the ruling concerning the joker, the liberal one, the fearful one and the one who is forced with regards to these invalidators?

 Additional Reading Material:
- Kitab Ut Tawhid, by Sheikh Mohammad Ibn Abdul Wahab
- Usool Ath Thalaatha, by Sheikh Mohammad Ibn Abdul Wahab
- Aqeedah At Tahawiyyah, by Imam At Tahawiy

Having studied this course you should consider studying the following:
- Beneficial Statements Concerning the Evidences of Tawheed
- Al Qawa'id Al Arba'ah
- Kashf Ush Shubuhaat
- Fundamentals of Faith
- Usool Ath Thalaatha
- Kitab Ut Tawhid
- Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah
- Aqeedah Haa'iyyah
- Al Qawaid Al Muthla
- Aqeedah Sharh Us Sunnah
- Names & Attributes of Allah
- Masa'il Al Jahiliyyah
- Al Walaa Wal Baraa
- What Allah Loves & Hates
- Purifying the Heart from Disbelief & Polytheism
- Conditions of Shahada
- Manhaj Us Salaf

Shaykh Salem Al Amry
Shaykh Salem al-Amry is from the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). The Shaykh has taken the effort to obtain knowledge of the different sciences in Islam including Aqeedah, Usool, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Tafseer, Arabic language and more. His teachers include: Shaykh Ali Khashshan and Shaykh Mahmood 'Atiyyah who were two of the first students of Shaykh Albani, Shaykh Abdul Bari, Shaykh Hamad bin Aqeel, Shaykh Saad ash-Shalabi, Shaykh Mustafa Makkee al-Azharee, Shaykh al-Maimoni al-Maghribi, Shaykh Ahmad Salaah al-Masri, Shaykh Mohamad Sami Moqbil, Shaykh Sayed Hadi bin Ahmad al-Haddaar and others.


Wallahy this course is just totally amazing! The Shaykh keeps you on track all the time Al Hamdulillah, I highly recommend this for everybody.

by facilitator faci

I have enjoyed the course alot

by Muhammed Chowdhury

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"My dear brothers and sisters at the Tayyibun Institute in the United Kingdom. I ask Allah (swt) that He grants you success and correction in your affairs and I also ask Allah (swt) that He always brings us together upon righteousness…."


Shaykh Abu Salih


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