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Towards a Happy Marriage
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Towards a Happy Marriage

Shaykh Salem Al Amry
3 Lessons (10 Days Course)
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 "Glorified is He Who has created all the pairs of that which the earth produces, as well as of their own (human) kind (male and female), and of that which they know not." {Yaa Seen: 36}

Through the institution of marriage, Allah سبحانه وتعالى has favoured us with ennumerable blessings: completing half of one's deen, a means to increase in our Rizq, a means to having children and following the Sunnah of the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم himself. But many of the less obvious blessings can go unrealised because we do not have the correct understanding of marriage, what it entails and how to reolve issues that will inevitably arise within married life.

This course is designed for both believing men and women, married and single, in order for them to appreciate the great blessing of marriage and sustain a happy one. Taught by two scholars, it covers both the fiqh of marriage and advice for attaining a blissful marriage.

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Course Length: 10 days + 10 day Final Exam
Registration: open

In this course you will learn:
- What is the definition of marriage?
- What is the ruling of marriage?
- When is marriage obligatory or recommended or disliked or prohibited or merely permissable?
- How is the proposal supposed to be made?
- What constitutes a valid marriage contract?
- What are the rights of the married couple upon each other?
- What should be sought in a prospective spouse?
- What constitutes a happy marriage?
- How do men and women's views of marriage differ?
- What are the common issues that arise in marriage?

Additional Reading Material:
- Fiqh of Marriage, By Shaykh Saalih Al-Sadlaan
- The Muslim Family Series By Muhmmad Al Jibaly
- Marital Discord - Causes & Cures, By: Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi

Having studied this course, you should consider studying the following:
- Akhlaq - The Upright Moral Character
- Towards a Happy Marriage
- Tawbah - Repentance
- Holding onto Hot Coal
- Free Mixing 
- The Fiqh of Marriage, Family and Divorce
- Umdatul Fiqh: Marriage & Divorce
- The Fiqh of Menstruation
- The Fiqh of Food & Clothing
- The Fiqh of Hajj
- The Fiqh of Inheritance
- The Fiqh of Ramadhan

Shaykh Salem Al Amry
Shaykh Salem al-Amry is from the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). The Shaykh has taken the effort to obtain knowledge of the different sciences in Islam including Aqeedah, Usool, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Tafseer, Arabic language and more. His teachers include: Shaykh Ali Khashshan and Shaykh Mahmood 'Atiyyah who were two of the first students of Shaykh Albani, Shaykh Abdul Bari, Shaykh Hamad bin Aqeel, Shaykh Saad ash-Shalabi, Shaykh Mustafa Makkee al-Azharee, Shaykh al-Maimoni al-Maghribi, Shaykh Ahmad Salaah al-Masri, Shaykh Mohamad Sami Moqbil, Shaykh Sayed Hadi bin Ahmad al-Haddaar and others.


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"I have been studying at Tayyibun Institute since 2008 and last year I moved to Saudi Arabia. Although I was very happy, I soon realized that I could not seek knowledge without first learning the Arabic Language. Whilst learning Arabic I also wanted to seek Islamic knowledge. I saw some online courses but felt that it would not be as good as Tayyibun Institute, so I was very happy when I found out that they have online courses. Even though one might think that their online courses are not as good as the centre, it turned out to be better than going to the centre, not only because I live in Saudi Arabia but mainly because you will be able to study in your own time. From what I have experienced I can say that the courses at Tayyibun Institute (and online) are very much practical. Jazaahum'Allahu Khairan"

Sister M Mohamed


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