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Fiqh Pertaining to Women
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Fiqh Pertaining to Women

Ustadh Alomgir Ali
14 Lessons (3 Months Course)
fee: $60.00

Man and woman have been created differently - they are physically, psychologically and emotionally different – and these differences have an effect on the way they live their lives. Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “And the male is not like the female.” [3:36]. The Sharee’ah appreciates the importance of these differences and places different roles, responsibilities and rulings upon them – each complementing the other.

The status of the Muslim woman in Islaam is one of nobility and honour, and her role in the cultivation of a righteous society is one of great importance for she is the initial teacher in the life of every Muslim. Throughout this course you will study issues and rulings concerning the Muslim woman, such as specific rulings related to her beautification, clothing, Hajj & ‘Umrah and other matters which you need to know and cannot afford to be ignorant in.

Allaah says, “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me” [51:56]. Therefore we are obliged to seek the knowledge in those matters which we require in order to fulfil our duties to Him. Ibn al-Jawzi said: “A woman is an accountable individual just as a man is. She is obliged to seek knowledge of her duties so that she may perform them properly”.

This course is based on a book written by the respected scholar Dr. Saalih al-Fawzaan, entitled Fiqh Pertaining to Women (Tanbeehaat ‘alaa Ahkaamin Takhtassu bil-Mu’minaat).

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Course Length: 90 days + 10 day Final Exam
Registration: open

In this course you will learn the following:
- What is the status of women in Islaam?
- What is required of her concerning beautification?
- What is necessary for a haa’idh when she finishes her menstruation?
- Is it a condition for her to perform ghusl in order to become pure?
- Is the menstruating woman permitted to recite the Qur’aan?
- On the topic of the hijab and niqaab, what are the evidences?
- What are the specific rulings of Salaah concerning women?
- The adhaan and iqaamah – are they legislated for the woman?
- Which is better – to pray in the masjid or to pray at home?
- Are the women shrouded in the same number of sheets as men?
- What are the specific rulings of Hajj or ‘Umrah concerning the woman?
- Is marriage without a wali acceptable?
- What is the state of the woman who demands separation from her husband without a valid reason?
- Concerning the woman who is to be married off – what are the rulings?
- Can a woman travel without a Mahram?


Biography of Author:
He is the noble Shaykh Dr. Saalih ibn Fawzaan ibn 'Abdullaah, born in 1354H - may Allaah protect him and continue benefitting the ummah with him. He obtained a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence and has a long history in teaching jurisprudence. His books number many - he has written more than sixty published works covering the Muslim Creed, Islamic Jurisprudence and Muslim’s Conduct, from amongst which are: Al-Mulakhass Al-Fiqhi, Al-Taliqat Al-Mukhtasarah ala Matn Al-‘Aqeedah Al-Tahawiyah, Sharh Masaail Al-Jahiliyah Li-Shaykh Al-Islaam Al-Mujaddid Al-Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abd Al-Wahhab.

Additional Reading Material:
- A Treatise on Hijaab, by Sheikh  Mohammed Ibn Salih Al Uthaymeen
- Encyclopedia Of Islamic Jurisprudence Concerning Muslim Women, published by Darussalam
- The Natural Blood of Women, by Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Salih Al Uthaymeen
- Fiqh Made Easy, by Sheikh Saalih As Sadlaan
- A Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence, Dr Salih Al Fawzan
- Fiqh us-Sunnah, by Sayyid Sabiq 
- Islamic Fataawa Regarding the Muslim Child by Various Shuyukh
- Guidelines for Raising Children, by Darussalam
- Nurturing Eeman in Children by Dr. Aisha Hamdan
- Our Precious Sprouts by Mohammed Al Jibaly 

Having studied this course, you should consider studying the following:
- Hanafi Fiqh: Mukhtasar al Quduri
- Manhaj as Salikeen
- Umdatul Ahkaam (Purification)
- Hanbali Fiqh: Umdatul Fiqh (Purification)
- Umdatul Ahkaam (Salaah)
- Hanbali Fiqh: Umdatul Fiqh (Salah)
- The Fiqh of Ramadhan
- The Fiqh of Hajj
- The Fiqh of Food and Clothing
- The Fiqh of Inheritance
- Fiqh Pertaining to Women
- The Fiqh of Menstruation
- Umdatul Ahkaam (Mariage & Divorce)
- The Fiqh of Marriage, Family and Divorce
- Usool ul Fiqh
- Qawaid Fiqhiyyah
- The Niqaab and Hijaab

Ustadh Alomgir Ali
Ustdah Alomgir has a BA in Arabic & English language and has studied Arabic and Islamic studies in Cairo. He is currently pursuing a degree in Shariah at al Azhar University in Cairo. He has translated a number of books and holds weekly Tafseer classes in London and is a regular Khateeb in a number of mosques in London. He also taught Arabic and Islamic studies at the Tayyibun Institute.


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"I have been studying at Tayyibun Institute since 2008 and last year I moved to Saudi Arabia. Although I was very happy, I soon realized that I could not seek knowledge without first learning the Arabic Language. Whilst learning Arabic I also wanted to seek Islamic knowledge. I saw some online courses but felt that it would not be as good as Tayyibun Institute, so I was very happy when I found out that they have online courses. Even though one might think that their online courses are not as good as the centre, it turned out to be better than going to the centre, not only because I live in Saudi Arabia but mainly because you will be able to study in your own time. From what I have experienced I can say that the courses at Tayyibun Institute (and online) are very much practical. Jazaahum'Allahu Khairan"

Sister M Mohamed


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