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Purifying the Heart from Disbelief & Polytheism
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Purifying the Heart from Disbelief & Polytheism

Shaykh Salem Al Amry
12 Lessons (3 Months Course)
fee: $60.00

With the passing of time and as prophesied by the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم, more and more deviations from the pure Tawhid as preached by the Prophets عليهم السلام have become apparent. We now live in a time when those who claim to be Muslims and adherents to this same pure Tawhid demonstrate their extreme veneration for saints and righteous personages by erecting mausoleums on their graves, supplicating to them, seek their help in time of need and adversity. Their beliefs have been so corrupted that they hold beliefs regarding these same personages that go beyond the superstitious and absurd.

With this gross aberration of the pure monotheistic Deen of Islaam, it is imperative that each and every Muslim familiriase themselves with the beliefs of the saved sect, Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah, and its stance towards those who would seek to deviate from the straight path. This course deals with issues such as supplicating to Allah, reliance upon Him, resorting to Him in times of need, the true concept of worship and the deviation of grave-worship.

This course is an explanation of the small treatise "Purifying the Heart from Disbelief & Polytheism" by Imam Muhammad Ibn Isma'il As Sana'ani.

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Course Length: 90 days + 10 day Final Exam
Registration: open

In this course you will learn:
- What are the types of Ibadah?
- To what criteria do these types of Ibadah have to adhere?
- What was the purpose of sending the Messengers?
- What is meant by Allah's (swt) Ruboobiyyah?
- Why is Du'a meant to be directed to Allah alone?
- How does Ruboobiyyah lead to Uloohiyyah?
- How and what did the polytheists of the past worship?
- What parallels can be drawn between the polytheists of the past and the deviated sects of modern times?
- What is grave-worship?
- What other acts are considered to be acts of shirk?
- How can these deviated sects be deviated using the Qur'an and Ahadith?
- How can one dispell doubts related to Shirk with unequivocal answers?

Additional Reading Material:
- Kitaab Ut Tawhid, by Imam Muhammed Ibn Abdul Wahab
- Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah, by Sheikh Muhammed Ibn Salih Al 'Uthaymeen
- Kashf Ush Shubuhaat, by Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab

Having studied this course you should consider studying the following:
- Beneficial Statements Concerning the Evidences of Tawheed
- Al Qawa'id Al Arba'ah
- Kashf Ush Shubuhaat
- Fundamentals of Faith
- Usool Ath Thalaatha
- Kitab Ut Tawhid
- Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah
- Aqeedah Haa'iyyah
- Al Qawaid Al Muthla
- Aqeedah Sharh Us Sunnah
- Names & Attributes of Allah
- Masa'il Al Jahiliyyah
- Al Walaa Wal Baraa
- What Allah Loves & Hates
- Purifying the Heart from Disbelief & Polytheism
- Conditions of Shahada
- Manhaj Us Salaf

Shaykh Salem Al Amry
Shaykh Salem al-Amry is from the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). The Shaykh has taken the effort to obtain knowledge of the different sciences in Islam including Aqeedah, Usool, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Tafseer, Arabic language and more. His teachers include: Shaykh Ali Khashshan and Shaykh Mahmood 'Atiyyah who were two of the first students of Shaykh Albani, Shaykh Abdul Bari, Shaykh Hamad bin Aqeel, Shaykh Saad ash-Shalabi, Shaykh Mustafa Makkee al-Azharee, Shaykh al-Maimoni al-Maghribi, Shaykh Ahmad Salaah al-Masri, Shaykh Mohamad Sami Moqbil, Shaykh Sayed Hadi bin Ahmad al-Haddaar and others.


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"I have been studying at Tayyibun Institute since 2008 and last year I moved to Saudi Arabia. Although I was very happy, I soon realized that I could not seek knowledge without first learning the Arabic Language. Whilst learning Arabic I also wanted to seek Islamic knowledge. I saw some online courses but felt that it would not be as good as Tayyibun Institute, so I was very happy when I found out that they have online courses. Even though one might think that their online courses are not as good as the centre, it turned out to be better than going to the centre, not only because I live in Saudi Arabia but mainly because you will be able to study in your own time. From what I have experienced I can say that the courses at Tayyibun Institute (and online) are very much practical. Jazaahum'Allahu Khairan"

Sister M Mohamed


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